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The Nevada Barbecue Association is a member driven organization.  Our mission "TO MENTOR AND PROMOTE BARBECUE AND THE BARBECUE LIFESTYLE IN OUR LOCAL NEIGHBORHOODS AND THROUGHOUT THE STATE OF NEVADA." is what we are all about.  We are an all volunteer organization that has enjoyed being part of the large growth of competition grilling and BBQ events.  The Nevada BBQ Association meets the third Wednesday of every month in Las Vegas, NV. Fill out our contact page or find us on facebook for meeting time and locations.

Board Member Bios

Steve Roy - President

Travis Barr - Secretary

Jason Stoffel - Treasurer

My name is Jason Stoffel.  I am a local attorney for 12 years.  I own my own law firm with my wife.  I have been a member of the Nevada BBQ Association for a few years and I attend most meetings.   I have been a fan of BBQ for many years. I am a KCBS Certified BBQ Judge since 2012 (#69199).  I have judged approximately 12 BBQ Contests in Nevada and Arizona.

Leon Drew - Director of Judges

Leon was born in Lawson, Mo, a small town 35 miles north of Kansas City.  He’s the third of six children.

In 1961 Leon and his childhood friend left Lawson for California in a 1951 Cadillac convertible without a top.  They ran out of gas money in Colorado and got a job washing dishes in Estes Park.  When the season ended they continued on toward California.  They started having car trouble outside of Delta, Utah but managed to make it to Ely, Nevada.  The car was parked behind the Hotel Nevada and never ran again.  His friend got a job bartending and Leon got a job dealing craps at the Hotel Nevada.  That job was the starting point for a 45 year career in the Gaming Industry. 

Leon met his wife Mary at the Hotel Nevada in 1961 and was married in Ely in 1963.  In

1964 they moved to Reno, Nevada to work for Harrah’s.  In 1969 their son Robert was born.

Leon and Mary’s Gaming career covered 45 years in many different cities across the country plus Canada and New Zealand.  Leon dealt the games for nine years then moved up to management for the remainder of his career.  He retired in 2005 from Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  Retirement gave him the chance to do what he always wanted to do, Barbecue.  Leon’s first contest was the 2006 American Royal Open.

Leon is a Master KCBS Judge and the Head Cook of the Squat and Gobble Barbeque team. He is a long time member of the Kansas City Barbecue Society.  He cooks on a WSM and competes about five times a year.  He also judges five or six contests a year. 

His favorite contest is the Best Dam Barbecue Challenge held in Boulder City, Nevada.  He’s competed in ten American Royal contests and considers it the ultimate contest. 

Barbecue is a great sport.  The interaction and friendships that develop at contests are a great part of the barbecue world.  He has been a NVBBQA member since its start up in 2011


Jackie Difloe - Membership Director

Associates Degree in Culinary Arts


Lived in NV since  Nov. 2000

2 boys, Joey and Adam

Served on the Coronado Band concessions team for 3 years and headed concessions for 4 years.

Volunteer for the Boy Scouts for 20 years at the unit and district levels. Eagle Scout Project Reviewer and Eagle Board of Review staff for 7 years.  

Member of NVBBQA since 2012.

Traveled to CA and AZ for competitions


In 2011, my then 14 yr old son Adam kept talking about smoking meat. I told him this wasn't something we needed to do!  Months later, I saw an off-set smoker on clearance at Target and bought it, mostly to grill on charcoal. Adam commandeered it for smoking. While channel surfing one night, I came across BBQ Pitmasters. I told Adam about it, and we started watching it. We went to check out a bbq competition at Mandalay Bay and met Johnny Trigg and Harry Soo. Harry gave Adam some tips. We talked to a local team and found out about Best Dam BBQ in Boulder City, the following month. I called the promoter, and asked if Adam could hang out with a team and learn how to do this crazy thing called barbecue. She found him a team, but at the cook's meeting we found out the team had to cancel the event. We walked around, and met Bill from The Smokin B.A.R., and he said Adam could help him. He let Adam trim, inject and temp all of the meats. He taught Adam a lot. The team fared very well and took RGC, and they made Adam an official member of the team. Adam worked with them on several events over the next 2 yrs, and we did a lot of practicing at home. Adam, at 17, decided to start his own team, and I am his pit crew. My son Joey helps sometimes, with loading, setup and tear down. Our team, Stoked to Smoke, has gotten several awards over the years. 1st ribs, 2nd brisket and 7th chicken- NVBBQA Practice Cook Apr 2013, 2nd Pork and 5th Ribs- High Desert Music Festival and Bbq Showdown June 2014, 2nd pork, 3rd chicken, 3rd brisket, 3rd ribs RGC- Logandale Fall Festival October 2014, RGC NVBBQA Open Practice Cook 2015, 9th ribs- Horsetown Brew n Que May 2015, beating out Harry Soo, Moe Cason, Neil Strawder and Myron Mixon in ribs, at the Horsetown Brew and Que.

9th Brisket- Smokin in Mesquite May 2015.

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