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Welcome to BBQ Games!
Go head-to-head in this double elimination cooking battle!

How it Works

  • BBQ Games is a double elimination bracket challenge. Each competitor cooks at least two separate times.

  • Cost: Free to enter!

  • All Nevada BBQ Association members are invited to enter BBQ Games. You must be a member in good standing to participate.

  • In the initial matches, competitors will go head-to-head, cooking a predetermined category, to see who makes the crowds’ favorite dish.

  • Matches/Judging will happen at the monthly NVBBQA meetings (unless scheduled otherwise).

  • Matches will be judged by meeting attendees. Voting will be purely subjective. 

  • In the event of a tie the most affordable dish will win and progress to the next round.

Competitors will face off to see who cooks the crowds' favorite!

  • Categories may not be repeated

  • Competitors can agree on a category or chose to have one randomly assigned for their match.

  • Competitors will cook a minimum of 16 portions during their match. 15 for judging and one to present and photograph.

  • Category suggestions are welcome!

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Mar 20

Past Matches

Feb 21

Match 1 Recap Video

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