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2023 Team of the Year Awards Rules

The Nevada Barbecue Association (NVBBQA) mission is "to mentor and promote
barbecue and the barbecue lifestyle in our local neighborhoods and throughout
the state of Nevada."


In an effort to recognize the barbecue talent in Nevada and
to promote club membership, the Nevada BBQ Association will recognize backyard
and professional barbecue teams with annual Team of the Year awards.

Team Eligibility
To be eligible, competing teams must be a pa
id member of the NVBBQA Team Membership tier, in good standing. 

2023 Categories

  • Nevada Team of the Year

  • Southwest Pro Team of the Year

  • Nevada BBQ Association Rookie of the Year

Please see the rules & eligibility details for each category below:

Nevada Team of the Year

  • Who qualifies?

    • Nevada BBQ Association teams in good standing

      • Must be a Nevada Resident

  • Qualifying Events:

    • All competitions hosted by the NVBBQA

    • All KCBS & SCA events within the state of Nevada

  • How are points calculated?

    • Points from a team’s top 5 scores will be recorded, all lower scores will be dropped. Teams earn points per category placement, not overall.


As SCA points are not public, it is the team's responsibility to send SCA ticket numbers & scores to Christie Vanover


Q: If I’m on Team XYZ through Nevada BBQ Association but competing in a KCBS under a different team name, will that count towards team of the year?

A: No. Points will be recorded based on the team registered as a Nevada BBQ team.


Q: Can multiple team members cook an SCA and have their points recorded?

A: A team may earn points once per category, per competition. If multiple team members cook at an SCA, the score of the highest scoring team member in each category will be used towards TOY standings.


Q: If I sign up now for NVBBQA now, will my points count from competitions earlier in the year?

A: Points earned within the month you sign will count towards your TOY standings. For example, if you join in March, any points earned in March will count but points from February or earlier will not.

Team of the Year Winners

  • 2022 Team of the Year Grand Champion:
    Stevo Nieto (Stevo's BBQ Team) 

  • 2022 Team of the Year Reserve Grand Champion:
    Michael Korr (Rip N Bones BBQ)

  • 2022 Team of the Year 3rd Place:
    Christie Vanover (Girls Can Grill)

  • 2022 Rookie of the Year:

  • Derek Hoffman (SmoKeto)


2022 Rookie of the Year:
Derek Hoffman (SmoKeto) 


2022 Team of the Year Grand Champion:
Stevo Nieto (Stevo's BBQ Team) 

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