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Meet Nevada Barbecue Association Team: Glazed and Infused BBQ

With head cook Jeff Steffen, Brian Blaylock, Kade Miller and Brian Siebold make up team Glazed and Infused BBQ out of Las Vegas.


The group decided they were getting a bit too old and out of shape to compete in other team sports, so they thought competition BBQ would be a fun alternative. The team joined the Kansas City Barbeque Society in 2016.


"We thought competition BBQ would be fun – and it is," said Jeff.


He said he learned a lot about how to barbecue on the Virtual Weber Bulletin Board ( Since the beginning, he has tried to pick up whatever tips he can wherever he can.


The team currently cooks on a Deluxe Lang 60-inch BBQ Smoker and two Weber Smokey Mountains.


They've competed at the Smokin' in Mesquite BBQ Championship, Pigs for Kids in Las Vegas and the Smokey Hayes Porkin' on the River in Laughlin, Nevada, where they placed 7th overall. They have plans to compete at Pigs for Kids again in 2017.

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