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Meet Nevada Barbecue Association Team: Triple ROC BBQ

Triple ROC BBQ is a family team that proves that grills don't have to be pretty to take first place.


"I compete with 4 custom UGLY and I mean UGLY drum smokers that I built," said Ryan O Cantwell, the team's head cook.


Ryan said he came from a family of great cooks, and he grew up watching his dad and uncles cooking from a very young age. He started the team as a father and son venture, but it quickly grew and now includes Rodney O Cantwell, Riley O Cantwell, Ryder O Cantwell, Gene Elder and Corey Kauper.


Triple ROC BBQ's first competition was the 2016 Pigs for the Kids in Las Vegas. Ryan's son Riley created the team's signature sauce.


"I told him to make me a good all around sauce, and I would do the rest ... he did his part for sure," said Ryan.


The team took 1st place in the Hog Wild category, 2nd place in sauce and 5th overall. Since then, they have racked up even more trophies, including:


  • 2nd One-Bite Challenge Smokey Hayes 2017

  • 1st One-Bite ChallengeNVBBQ Spring Training 2017

  • 2nd Pork NVBBQ Spring Training 2017

  • 3rd Brisket NVBBQ Spring Training 2017

  • 3rd OverallNVBBQ Spring Training 2017


Ryan shared that his one-bite cooks usually includes a combination of white grape juice and mayonnaise.


When he's not smoking at competitions, he loves cooking tri-tip, especially on his Santa Maria grill. "It makes my meat ooooo so yummy," he said.


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