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Meet Nevada Barbecue Association Team: Hickory and Spice BBQ

Not many teams can claim to score perfect 180s, but the guys over at Hickory and Spice BBQ have earned perfect scores six times.


Head cook Rick Mysse was grilling for more than 40 years before he entered into competition barbecue. In just five years, he and his team, Luke Mysse, Andrew Mysse and Alex Gutierrez, have earned 2 KCBS Grand Championships, 7 Reserve Grands, 1 IBCA Championship and more than 150 trophies, ribbons and plaques, including those 6 perfect 180s.


So what's the secret to his success? He's taken multiple classes from other champions like Jerry Aguilar, Tuffy Stone and Travis Clark, and he became a judge before he became a competitor.


"After judging a number of contests, I was asked to consider cooking Havasu Landing in 2014 to make it a qualifier," he said. " I came in middle of the pack so signed up to cook Stagecoach Festival same year where I won brisket. I never looked back after that."


Team Hickory and Spice BBQ currently cooks on a Fast Eddy Cookshack 100 and a backyard Jambo.


His advice for other competitive teams: " Control your fire and know your pit!"

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